Christine Guillemot

INRIA, France


Organizing Committee


Fernando Pereira

Instituto Superior Técnico - Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal


Luis Torres

Technical University of Catalonia, Spain


Touradj Ebrahimi

Ecole Politechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland


Joern Ostermann

Leibniz Universität Hannover,



Riccardo Leonardi

Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy

Workshop on Recent Advances in Distributed Video Coding



November 6, 2007,

Lisbon, Instituto Superior Técnico


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DISCOVER is a 24 month project of the IST FET programme of the European Union which ends in November 2007. The main objective of DISCOVER is to study the major theoretical concepts underlying Distributed Video Coding and to present the most important applications.

Workshop presentations available for download


Distributed Video Coding

Video coding research and standardization have been adopting until now a video coding paradigm where it is the task of the encoder to explore the source statistics, leading to a complexity balance where complex encoders interact with simpler decoders. Distributed Video Coding (a particularization of Distributed Source Coding) adopts a completely different coding paradigm by giving the decoder the task to exploit the source statistics to achieve efficient compression. This coding paradigm is particularly adequate to emerging applications such as wireless video cameras and wireless low-power surveillance networks, disposable video cameras, medical applications, sensor networks, multi-view image acquisition, networked camcorders, etc.


Workshop objectives

To present recent advances in Distributed Video Coding (DVC).

To present the work developed by researchers active in DVC or related fields (by invitation).

To present the main results of the DISCOVER project.


List of sessions

· Distributed Source Coding

· Distributed Monoview Video Coding

· Distributed Multiview Video Coding

Workshop programme:

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The DISCOVER workshop will be held at the IST Congress Center


In combination with the Picture Coding Symposium (PCS’07)


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